Stone Cooking – an amazing culinary experience.


Looking for something different?

Stone cooking is a 21st century, unique dining experience that is based on the principle of cooking on stones that are heated to 440˚C, a practice dating back many thousands of years. It is a unique, delicious, healthy dining experience that allows your chosen dish to be presented cooking on a volcanic rock at your table, enabling you to cook your meal to your own personal taste.

There is a menu specifically created for stone cooking guests – to ask about today’s choices, call us on 01386 750033.

When enjoying a steak on one of our rocks we would recommend our Rare Vineyards Malbec – the steak and wine together are a sensation.


Stone Cooking

Main Courses

8oz fillet £25.00
12oz rump £17.00
“please ask for this week’s exotic meat selection”
‘Pub Style’ seasoned homemade chips, grilled tomato, black pudding, grilled Portobello mushroom & onion rings
‘Posh Style’ garlic sautéed potatoes, fresh vegetables
‘Healthy ‘ new potatoes, dressed salad
add a dipping sauce to your steak peppercorn or creamy stilton

or a trio of sweet chilli, tangy BBQ & garlic aioli